SymFUNNY Children's Workshop (includes 1 book!)

SymFUNNY Children's Workshop (includes 1 book!)

Available on-site OR online! Extend the "SymFUNNY" book experience through an interactive workshop which may be offered online via Zoom or on-site in person. This 45 minute workshop will engage young children  (target audience ages 3-7 years) in an interactive book reading and then bring the concepts of "SymFUNNY" to life through a variety of musical explorations. One (1) "SymFUNNY" book is also included in the price of the workshop. 


Using the French Horn, participants will be immersed in concepts related to sound production (vibration, pitch, volume) and homonyms (notes, horns and more), as well as simply the joy of music and specifically orchestral music. Workshop duration is 30-45 minutes including a question and answer session and may also be extended with a hands-on make and take activity for participants to create an instrument. Workshop will be led by co-author Jeannie Fleming-Gifford (MA Child Development, BA Music).


The date and time of the workshop will be confirmed based on a mutually agreeable timing by presenter and organization.  Questions before booking? 


Note: If you are library, school ,or other community based program and purchasing 5 or more books, there is NO charge for the (1) workshop program.  Group size is negotiable though obviously the smaller, the more interactive it can be.