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Welcome to Against The Grain Originals.

We specialize in customized wood artistic creations, holiday ornaments, writings and workshop experiences. 

The Story of ATG Originals

Artistic Creations. Written Inspirations. 

ATG = Against the Grain.  We create original works of art and other artistic expressions and experiences. .

The business began the day that Mark, a product engineer who creates musical brass instruments, decided he wanted to build wooden toys. Wooden toys led to furniture and that led to finding the art of Intarisa which entails creating beautiful works of art using shapes and quality, colorful woods.

Though Jeannie would love to be as handy as Mark with a scroll saw, she finds her passion and talents with the written word and by connecting with others as she leads workshops with children and adults. 

Our passion for quality art, written inspirations and interactive workshop programs has driven us from the beginning, and continues to drive us into the future.

ATG Originals strives to make the every customer experience as rewarding and fun as possible.

Check out our offers, and please connect anytime with questions or requests:

We are grateful and excited to create a piece of art or experience for you. 


Connect with Us

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