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ATG (Against the Grain) Woodworking

creates works of art including wall hangings, heirloom ornaments and other customized creations. 


Each piece of art is unique with beautiful and unique hardwoods used for each creation. No paints or stains are used for the art.


Mark Gifford, Intarsia artist, specializes in creating art inspired by nature, treasured ornaments which celebrate family and memories made and also enjoys working with individuals on creating customized artworks that will be enjoyed for a lifetime. These customized works are created in partnership, offering the ability to include names, dates, or other significant shapes to be integrated into each treasure. 

About Mark

During the week, you can find Mark at Conn-Selmer. Mark works as a design engineer, building and designing brass instruments.   Mark became interested in the art of intarsia 10 years ago and have been doing it ever since.

 What is Intarsia Art?


Intarsia art is created by selecting different types of wood, using its natural grain colors and patterns to create the different colors in each pattern. Each piece of wood is then individually cut using a scroll saw, then shaped and sanded before fitting the pieces together like a puzzle and securing them to another piece of wood. 


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