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Meet The Team

Artistic Creations. Written Inspirations. Workshop Experiences. 


Mark Gifford 

ATG Originals Intarsia Artist

Professional Work: Product Engineer, Conn-Selmer 


Favorites: Iced Mochas, Pie, Cats


Earliest Artistic Endeavor: Cross-stitching with Grandma on a quilt (age 7). We received that quilt as a wedding gift).


Favorite Artistic Endeavor: Sun art (see homepage). This was made as a gift to Jeannie for our wedding anniversary. Other favorite projects include the crib I built for my daughter and the flags from all over the world which I graphed out and then cross stitched. 

Jeannie Fleming-Gifford

ATG Originals Writer & Workshop Facilitator 

Professional Work:

VP of Programming for Lakeside Chautauqua

Favorites: Coffee, Outdoor Adventures, All Animals

Earliest Artistic Endeavor: Singing back-up vocals on a children's record album (age 8) and winning an award for writing a short story in elementary school.

Favorite Artistic Endeavor: All of them...writing and especially getting the opportunity to create and share the arts and other experiences with children and senior citizens. 

Ella Gifford

ATG Originals Marketing and IT

Professional Work; Student

Favorites: Peppermint Mochas, Musical Theatre, Cats

Earliest Artistic Endeavor: Painting anything and making up songs about everything.

Favorite Artistic Endeavors: Many, many musical theatre productions and singing the National Anthem (solo and acapella) at the Lake County Captains and Rocket Mortgage Field House for the Cleveland Monsters. 

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