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More than a piece of art....

Three weeks since our latest adventure, AKA finding our way home. In some ways, it feels like we have been here forever. We're back to old routines including a leisurely weekend walk to the nearby metro park. This morning's walk was complimented by a dusting of snow and a myriad of birds trying to decide if they should celebrate spring or keep hunkered down for winter.

This pair of cardinals caught our eye and was a reminder of recent loss around us. It was also a reminder of the importance of symbols and art for healing and hope for the future.

This cardinal ornament has been a favorite for customers to order for the holidays. It has also been a keepsake that several have ordered in memory of a loved one. Just yesterday, we received a note asking for one to be made...and it is already been cut, and is ready for the shaping.

Custom projects are a new interest - The goal is to create art from someone's story and capture that story in a piece that will be cherished and help that story live on. From a few dogs which have been memorialized through art which Mark has made, to the twenty-six diamond 3-D creation that was a collaborative vision for a 26th wedding anniversary, to a recent call - once again about cardinals - Mark received this week.

A spouse passed in December and the inquiry was about some sort of art that would bring some comfort and memories. Cardinals. Once again. Mark shared this photo from a past project and it is the perfect fit. Adding to this work will be some custom lettering and a few other details.

When ATG Originals launched, it was about creating beautiful works of art from a variety of quality hardwoods, refraining from much in terms of paints or stains. The quality has stayed, but the stories have expanded and we are so happy to see that ATG Originals is about more than the piece of art, it's about creating and embracing beauty, healing, love and joy in this world.

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