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Nothing to do with Woodworking...

"Build a life you love and you will never have to vacation." I've thought about this quote a lot. It's one of those quotes that I want to like, but - at the end of the day, and as we end this family vacation - I could not disagree more. Of course, I am writing this while the winds off the Gulf of Mexico sway the hammock I am laying in back and forth.

It's been a week. A week where we have sat too much, stared at the waves, gotten too much sun, and indulged in too many sweet treats. We've had every meal together as a family. We've talked favorite memories, current global issues and our futures. I've wrestled with guilt as I think of the money and time spent here. I then reconcile my guilt by knowing the impact of the tourism economy. And I know there are moments from this week that I will talk about in years to come.

There has been fuel to our creative souls. The boredom that sets in from time to time sparks new ideas and inspirations. What's the next project - in woodworking, writing, our professional work, and for our home. Where should our next adventures be and why?

And as the sun sets on this time together - and the sun comes up and its strength tells me its time for sunscreen - I'm concluding that I do want a life that where I have to vacation. Though we are lucky to have a life we enjoy, the change of scenery, the change of pace and - most of all - seeing people from around the globe work, play and connect - have been an investment of time and finances that I will make again and again.

We will return home better humans and creatives. Mark will head back into the shop, me the office and both of us into our community where we will bring our renewed spirits back in support of the greater good.

Addendum - The Vacation Details:

Destination: Wyndam Alltra Cancun, Punta Cancun, Zona Hotelera, 77500 Cancún, Q.R.

"Field Trips": La Isla Shopping Village (the highlight was all the iguanas we saw on our 1+ mile walk), Interactive Aquarium Cancun, La Isla Mujeres, Ruins of the Temple of The Goddess Ixchel, and one trip across the street and the spotting of un crocodilo!

Biggest Takeaway: It's all about the people. Admire, respect and value the Mexican people we have encountered on this trip...and how yummy plantains really are.

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