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I Was Only Dating.

From the time we purchased our "cozy cottage," I made it clear. I was only dating this house. I was not marrying it. It was fulfilling a time and purpose and, when the time was right, I was moving on.

I was in transition. We were in transition. The world was in transition (thanks again global health pandemic).

And I love being honest and transparent about all of this (thanks Brene Brown).

"We're all just walking each other home." It's a quote by Ram Dass (just for the record, I only value the quote, I do not know enough about his teachings) that I have seen in passing and it is one of those quotes that has stuck with me, especially as I spent last spring "walking my mom home."

During those dark days, I found comfort in the others who walked with me, helping keep her comfortable with their kind and gentle ways.

It sounds depressing, but never fear folks, this is not a depressing blog entry. This is an entry of honest hope and moving forward down life's path. I was reminded of that quote over the last few days as we spread news of moving. Several people have had a good chuckle. Some look at me with bewilderment. Some question me with love. The reactions have included "you don't let any grass grow under your feet" to "how long will you stay this time?"

The answers? "No, I do not," and "we are planning to stay awhile, but life sometimes makes other plans".

I do know one thing. I do not feel lost. I am only trying - like most of us - to find our way home. To use our time, talents, passions, experience and expertise to do good in this world. To continue to show up. To believe the best of others. And, to find joy in the journey.

Mark's in-progress piece of art is this compass rose. It is going to be exquisite. Measuring 20", over 12 different types of woods and 150+ pieces which he is diligently and carefully cutting out via scroll saw. It is a labor of love.

And how ironic that it is the compass rose, a work of art that beautifully captures how many different ways there are to go in life...and to hopefully give help when finding the way.

I started this blog with the title "We Are Not Lost," and then it changed as I began to write to "I Was Only Dating".

And, it is true, we are not lost.

Our family - like many families - may be just taking a different route than others to find our way home.

And - for the record - I am planning on marrying this house.

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