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Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Earlier this year, we sold our beloved 180 year old historical home located in a lovely little walkable district. Mark and I still look at each other in bewilderment and wonder if we were crazy. I keep saying that global pandemics will do those kind of things to you. We moved to a less desirable part of town, to a home half the size of our historic rambler. We also shed a lot of our concerns financially and the never ending to-do list of that house.

As we settle into fall, we all are a bit cozier in our new little home. I love (but am also a bit embarrassed to say) that I can vacuum the entire space by only plugging in the sweeper to one outlet. Yep, you read that right: plug in once, vacuum entire house. We can clean down this place in a good hour. Things are smaller, but life is simpler in this way. I finally feel my house is clean (mostly) and there is not the never-ending list of what needs repaired.

And now we look to the holidays. I, like many of you, am focused on the shopping local and supporting the small little businesses like ATG Originals. In downsizing, we gave away so many of our material things that never had much meaning (or use). I treasure the art that hangs on my walls now. Every piece has a story and I can tell you about the connection to that artist. The throws over my chairs were made by hands in my family. My favorite mug was thrown by a local potter.

Life can feel complicated so it is lovely to feel that we have the power to simplify simply by supporting local businesses and, well, spending less time vacuuming.

Thank you for connecting with ATG Originals.

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