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Small House, Big Dreams

It starts with the best of intentions. Sell the historical rambler, also known as our beloved home of 20 years.


Shed the mortgage payment.

I constantly remind myself (remind US) what is important. If we do this now, we can hopefully retire earlier and adventure more.

So, a year later, I am trying to embrace the "right-size" of 1100 square feet. Yes, we have simplified some of our life. Like vacuuming. I can plug the vacuum into ONE outlet and do the whole house. Simple indeed!

Trying to lean into "cozy cottage," I decided that a new couch would help with my big dreams of loving small house life. Six weeks ago, I finally pushed "buy" and, this last week, notification came that the couch is on its way.

So, today become couch moving day. It actually was more of a team-building training for Mark and I. We lifted, turned, pushed, scratched up the door, and did a little damage to the drywall. And then we did it again. And again. I kept my sense of humor. Mark's head almost popped off.

Then, we decided we would just need to take apart the couch. The crowbars, hammer and scissors appeared. Our daughter watched in horror. There may have been some expletives.

In my wise woman way, I suggested watching a Google how-to move the couch video. So, I watched and they made it look easy. Mark continued to use his crowbar and hammer. I asked him if he wanted to watch, but he was a bit "busy."

And then success, we had ripped the arm off of the couch. And we again, put the couch in motion towards the door. And then we failed again. It was wedged and Mark was pissed. I said "let's watch the video." He grunted and shoved the couch some more. I pleaded "watch the video."

And so, the movement stopped and he watched the 20 second how-to video.

And 5 minutes later, we stood victorious on that couch as it sat on the curb.

This is the life of small house, big dreams. Stay tuned for more...and when we are not cutting up couches, Mark may just be in the shop making more awesome art.

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