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The Next Adventure...

Updated: Jan 25

It started with an interest to build children's wooden toys. That morphed into Adirondack furniture. Then, came the crib built for our daughter to sleep. Somewhere in those years, there was a rowboat that was built. And finally, there came the artform of Intarsia - this beautiful way of putting woods together, artistically and authentically to create art.

The work started in our basement. Eventually, it moved to the garage. Then, the garage got an upgrade - insulated and heated. COVID made life crazy and so we took a leap to a cozy cottage and created a studio a studio for art-making.

But the next adventure? We are dreaming bigger and differently. We're starting with a shop that may some day include retail. We're designing and dreaming fueled by customer visions and our passions of wildlife and outdoor inspirations.

And the space?

Well, that is the next story we are about to write...

stay tuned.

Can't wait? Neither can we.

Willoughby, we are coming back. For good.

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