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The Pursuit IS Happiness

One of my favorite t-shirts notes "the pursuit is happiness."

Just over two years ago, we envisioned a studio on this land which was covered with gravel and snow.

It was January and year two of the global health pandemic. We had made hard choices involving our daughter's education, took a honest look at our finances and goals and pondered what was really of value to us. Our priority list included time together, travel/new experiences, and simplification of life (less stuff).

We turned our life upside down as as we sold our beloved historical home of 20 years and opted for what we fondly called the "cozy cottage." We definitely simplified. There was no room to do anything else. Our new home was 1100 square feet, 2 bedrooms, one bath and an open floor plan. I was a bit embarrassed to share that I could plug in my vacuum to one outlet and sweep the entire living area.

And, we started over. We had a cozy cottage and a small yard to build a studio space where Mark could create.

By late that spring, we would walk out our backdoor to this creative space.

And, Mark was back working in the studio.

It was a pursuit of happiness.

We found happiness, meaning and purpose in the work, effort and collaboration with others to make this happen.

Not to mention, the finished product was pretty enjoyable and Mark has continued to flourish as an artist.

Last night, we stood in a new space - excited and a bit anxious about our next pursuit.

We're packing up and moving out (yes, anyone who is looking for a cozy cottage with awesome little studio in the back, we have one of those coming on the market soon!).

And, we are finding the happiness in a new pursuit.

I am going to keep reminding myself of that as we look at the daunting task of transforming this exterior into a new - little bigger - cozy cottage and creative space.

More to come...wish us luck!

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