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Where Do You Find Your Joy?

Mark's little bluebird creation sits on the counter this morning. It's ready for its twine and to be wrapped up, "flying" off to its new home.

It's Monday, early, dark, snowy and cold.

Mark and I have had our 5am cup of coffee, bowl of oatmeal and did our routine check-in about today's to-do list. Additionally, we've had our check-in about how each of us are doing. And, as I sit my coffee cup on the counter and ready myself to get ready for this day, this little bluebird catches my attention.

It's vibrancy (Mark doesn't often use any pigment on his works, but this little creation warrants it) and its simplicity embodies joy.

It's little things like this that have captured my attention these days.

It's finding the joy in the small things and taking time to recognize them.

It's a skill that I have been working on developing. Perhaps it is an outcome of the harsh last year where I struggled through much loss and significant life change. In those darkest of days, I knew I had two choices - die with those I had lost or live and find joy, embracing everything they no longer could not.

It took me awhile and it did not come naturally. I found my way forward by watching more sunrises and sunsets last summer than I can count and taking time to learn and grow by all that I am so lucky to be immersed in by working at Lakeside Chautauqua.

One of the experiences I had last summer was listening to Sarah Susanka and picking up her book the "Not So Big Life." Susanka shares that "A Not So Big Life is one in which you learn to listen to what your heart longs to do, and to integrate these passions into your everyday life. When you engage what you are truly passionate about, you are automatically present in what you are doingyou are showing up completely in each moment. Life becomes a natural expression of your true nature."

A natural expression of your true nature. I love that, admire that and aspire to it.

And for today, that starts with recognizing the joy in the simplest of things including this little bluebird who sits on the counter smiling at me.

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